Use PR to Win Honors, Get Noticed

If you lack a big PR budget, here’s a free and simple way to get media attention for your company or nonprofit: Apply to annual media awards and recognition events!

My PR agency in Chicago uses this tactic to help clients make news and elevate their media profiles. 

My colleagues even nominated me for an award!


By winning awards and recognition, your company often appears alongside with your biggest competitors, leveling the playing field by making you look bigger than you really are!

It’s also a great morale booster – since it’s not just the CEO getting the attention. You can shine a spotlight on the hard work of others through honors such as top legal counsel, CFO, CMO, engineer, nonprofit or African American exec, etc.

Here are recent news media honors where we placed clients in the limelight:

Notable African American Leader

 Logistics Pros to Know

Influential Women in Real Estate 

Community Development Pro 

The first place to find these opportunities is through Google.  Search terms such as “notable” or “influential” or “rock star” executives for your industry or your local city or town.

Or if you follow specific business magazines, click on the “Advertise with Us”  link. There you will often find the news outlet’s editorial calendar, which is a month-by-month listing of the events being held and/or themes a magazine will be writing about. When scanning the editorial calendar, look for honors and awards and the deadlines for nominating your company or executive. Pay close attention to those deadlines, and know that most award submission forms will ask for a high resolution headshot.

And if you need additional help, give me a call.

I am happy to provide guidance and get you on the path of becoming an awards application aficionodo!

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