Public Relations

Get your story out to the right audience at the right time with a strategic plan.

Thought Leadership

Establish yourself and your brand as the subject matter expert in your field.

Media Relations

Work alongside the press to create shareable moments for your target audience.

The Michelle Damico Communications team strengthens a company’s credibility through great news placements. We help our clients make news and establish trust with their stakeholders. Facts and stats about the sales funnel are outdated. Third-party recommendations are how people shop, and independent media outlets are their trusted sources.

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Meet Michelle Damico Communications

We are hardworking PR professionals dedicated to helping our clients tell their stories one article, podcast or TV mention at a time. We value honesty, hard work, creativity and excellent client relationships. Think of us as the equivalent of your “in-house” PR department—without the overhead.

The Value of PR

While there is no magic formula for determining dollar amount—the value of good PR is everlasting.

Having a trusted media professional on your side does far more than increasing the visibility of your brand. PR is a form of strategic communication that enables businesses to home in on target audiences with a message that stresses value and leadership to potential customers. Plus, if your business ever faces bad news, a skilled PR strategist can help you address and turn around difficult situations.

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