Chicago PR Firm Connected Way Beyond the Windy City!

We’re an award-winning Chicago PR firm, driven by a Midwestern work ethic and a passion for taking care of our clients. We also work hard to serve journalists, too. Because when reporters are happy, our clients are happy.  We have strong media relationships and can penetrate any media market to connect with reporters and convince them you have a story worth telling. The team at Michelle Damico Communications makes news that generates results for B2B and B2C clients in  The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Forbes,  Entrepreneur and Associated Press and hundreds of local TV, radio, and news outlets.

And after your news story appears, we take advantage of that valuable coverage by writing short posts to share on your social media platforms.  When you work with the team at Michelle Damico Communications, all of your public relations needs are under one roof.

Michelle Damico’s team prepares your CEO or expert to ensure a successful media interview.
Michelle Damico’s team prepares your CEO or expert to ensure a successful media interview.

Making news takes time, persistence, a deep media network and the know-how to work with reporters and provide quotable experts at the right time. As your PR agency, we work with you to position your expertise and monitor media for trending stories in your industry. We’ll prep your CEO with media training to ace all interviews.  Once you make news, we’ll take advantage of your headlines and extend your reach on social media, to generate even more interest.

Your Brand's Ardent Advocate

You know your services, people and products better than anyone. But do you know what’s newsworthy within your organization? Let us identify your news potential and tell your story to the right audiences, the right way. As your in-house PR consultant, we’re following trends minute-by-minute, connecting with reporters and looking for the right angle to share your story during the busy news cycle.

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Keeping Reporters Happy,
Makes Clients Happy, Too!

We are former journalists, so we know a good story when we see one. Plus, we understand the challenges they face and we won’t waste their time. The team at Michelle Damico Communications has built a reputation for being efficient, responsive and getting reporters what they need to meet their deadlines. Persistent and polite. Our team has excellent media relationships. And our clients value what we do.

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A Passionate Chicago PR Pro Who Captures Reporters' Attention

Michelle Damico has the expertise and passion for storytelling, based on an award-winning career as a broadcast news reporter spanning more than 20 years. She was a beat reporter, newscaster, talk show host and more at Chicago’s WXRT, WBEZ and WGN radio.

After years of creating ear-catching, attention-grabbing stories for radio, Michelle transitioned to marketing and public relations, where she applies her news judgement and writing savvy. She’s especially proud of her team’s news “pitches,” containing catchy PR subject lines that capture journalists’ attention,  lead to interviews and make front-page news.

Michelle has a PR career that includes leadership roles in government and politics, and major Chicago PR firms and marketing agencies.

As a former reporter who has covered a wide range of topics, she’s adept at absorbing all kinds of subjects. She quickly understands your business and helps you communicate your value to customers, investors, stakeholders and employees. Her wide ranging clients include nonprofits, associations and businesses in private equity, logistics, health care tech, manufacturing, real estate tech, construction, wealth management and more.

See Our PR Client Testimonials

  • By partnering with Michelle Damico and her team, we elevated the history of our founder -- the overlooked human services pioneer, Ada Sophia McKinley.
    - Jamal Malone, CEO, Ada S. McKinley Community Services
  • We appreciate so much working with you. At the beginning of 2020, we had no idea – along with everyone else – how this year would turn out. As I look back over the year, I know that you have helped us maximize our news coverage -- in the midst of a pandemic – and share our story with a wide range of media outlets. It has been a real pleasure working with you.
    - CEO, Large Chicago Education Nonprofit
  • Fast and focused, proactive and prepared. If you're looking for media attention, I highly recommend having a conversation with Michelle. She has the experience and relationships to drive real impact.
    - Andy Crestodina, Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Founder Orbit Media Studios
  • In just your first month with us, you have already helped us a lot. It’s awesome to have you on board!
    - Partner, Private Equity Firm
  • The skill set your team brings is a unique thing. I finally have news I can talk about in our company. Your collaboration is wildly valuable to me.
    - Chief Marketing Officer, Nationwide Logistics Company
  • Our news coverage for our first press release was the best, broadest and most relevant news we’ve ever had. We have not ever seen our news placed in all five of our priority outlets. And the fact that all five of those outlets picked up our news on the exact day we needed it is extremely impressive.
    - Private Equity Firm Founding Partner
  • For the past seven years, VHT Studios has had a special partnership with the team at Michelle Damico Communications. Michelle is an invaluable member of our team, who knows the ins and outs of our business as well as our most veteran employees. She has helped us dramatically grow our business by getting news stories placed in real estate and business media. Thanks, in part to the media relationships she's built for us, VHT Studios has become a well-known and respected brand name in the residential and commercial real estate industry. Our executives are seen as the thought leaders in our space. I cannot sing her praises loud enough. You'll be very smart to hire her firm to showcase your products and services and to elevate your company's thought leaders and subject-matter experts.
    - Mike Montgomery, SVP, Business Development
  • "Michelle is someone that becomes a professional colleague that you can turn to. Through our work together we have developed a strong friendship as professional women in the marketing, branding and communications field that is even more valuable personally and professionally."
    - Sherrie Medina, Director of Marketing and Promotions, Midway Partnership
  • "Through stories in the Wall Street Journal, as well as articles placed in Chicago and national news outlets, Michelle has contributed to our firm's success."
    - Founder, Wealth Management Firm
  • "PR gets more traction than anything else we do. PR is making a huge difference among audiences that need to know who we are. We’re being asked on panels and interviewed about things we would never have been asked to talk about a year ago, because of PR."
    - Director of Marketing, National Logistics Company
  • "I very much appreciate how plugged in you are and how you only bring us stories that are so right for us."
    - Midwest Bureau Chief, National Business Network
  • "I love Michelle!! She is a content strategist with the heart of a storyteller and a great thought partner. Her expertise is built on generous listening and emotional intelligence, that connects with the work in a way that creates strong and powerful results."
    - Sherrie Medina, Director of Marketing and Promotions, Midway Partnership
  • "Whenever MDC wins news coverage for VHT Studios, our web traffic spikes and we get a sustained boost in orders and partner inquiries. Michelle has a deep understanding of our business, and her vast media network helps us get great headlines—not just in Chicago, but nationwide."
    - Brian Balduf, CEO & Co-founder, VHT Studios
  • "I am thrilled with what Michelle Damico Communications accomplished for One Hope United. She has gotten more news coverage than any of us had hoped for."
    - Anthony Ruth, Senior VP, Marketing, One Hope United