Podcasts for PR: Purposeful, productive, fit for a pauper’s purse!

PR People! Podcasts are popular, purposeful, productive, and fit for a pauper’s purse (Ps–irresistable)! Podcasts are something that virtually any business can and should create, if they want to provide valuable and easy-to-access information for their clients and customers.

Apple’s iTunes store has more than 1 BILLION podcast subscribers, and more brands are jumping on the podcast bandwagon to blend into their inbound marketing, information and entertainment mix.

In fact, I created a simple straightforward podcast in just a few hours (including time interviewing and editing). Heck, it took me longer to write this blog post than it did to create this post!



I interviewed friend and former WXRT Radio colleague Charlie Meyerson, a digital media evangelist and one of the most helpful people you’ll ever meet. He recently wrote a guest blog post for Orbit Media about Four Keys to Conducting a Great Audio Interview and I followed his advice in my approach to this interview.

We sat down at Rivet News Radio, Chicago, where Charlie is VP of Editorial & Development to talk more about podcasting how-tos. But before getting started, we downloaded Audacity audio recording and editing software, and then I conducted this interview using my laptop. While I rode home on the train today, I edited it.

Why are PR people finding podcasts popular and purposeful (couldn’t resist the alliteration)?

  1. Podcasts are a great PR tool if you lack the time for video production and have expertise to share, news to spread, or helpful information that your target audiences need to know.

  2. Podcasts are a less time-consuming alternative to creating videos and are easily consumable in short bits and pieces.

  3. They’re inexpensive and easy to produce — requiring nothing more than a smart phone or a laptop and some free audio editing software.

  4. Businesses can use podcasts to engage with their customers by building a following of subscribers. The podcasts can start conversations, welcome comments, and are easily sharable and linkable on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks.

  5. Oh, and did I say they’re easy to create (sorry, it bears repeating!).

So listen to the simplicity behind the podcast I created. Admittedly, I have a history of doing audio interviews, so I’m no wilting lily in front of a microphone. You get better and better the more you practice, and your customers will love seeing a new side of you and your expertise.

Give it a listen, and tell me what you think.

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