How Does Our Chicago PR Firm Work With Clients?

How Does Our PR Team Work with Clients?

Our Chicago PR firm’s senior-level experts will develop a customized program of public relations strategy and tactics. We align with your team to make sure our work harmonizes with your business goals. Whether you’re a Chief Marketing Officer with an annual PR spend or a CEO seeking communications counsel, we can help.

Focus First on PR Strategy

Smart public relations initiatives begin with a strategic plan. To develop a successful strategy, we’ll discuss your objectives and desired outcomes. We’ll learn about your target audiences. We’ll review your brand differentiators and value statements and gather compelling customer stories to interest media. We’ll instill confidence with how-to’s on navigating media interviews. Our discovery work will lead to your final action plan.

Our Take on Tactics

MDC’s tactics are driven by our journalism savvy, smart storytelling and deep media connections. We do in-depth research to target influencers who will want your news. We introduce you to them with short newsworthy “pitches” about your news and thought leadership. After we land an interview, we coordinate all details so you’re g you’re ready for questions.

You’ve Made News! Now What?

Your CEO’s news quotes or product placements look fabulous! What will you do with that terrific news? As journalists, we’ll advise you on how to share your news on social networks and suggest or write content that boosts open rates and brings you more followers, likes and shares.

Your Trusted Communications Problem Solver

We know CEOs and CMOs value executive-level experience and turn to us for trusted, genuine and caring counsel. As your PR consultants, you’re partnering with thoughtful, knowledgeable and accessible advisors, driven to provide great service while tackling your communications challenges. Let us help with new product launches, issues management, speaking engagements, event planning, and more. We’re with you every step of the way! Contact us for a quick discovery chat, or to set up a communications audit.

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