Are You Wearing a PR Halo?


Every month, our clients get quoted, provide content and capture headlines in their high value news outlets, where customers visit and engage with their communities.   Many of these media sites are relative newcomers that have skyrocketed in popularity, especially with young people. Others are well-known legacy news outlets — respected brands in broadcast and print, business and industry publications.

No matter what the outlet, when you and your company make news, you build credibility from a reputable and admired, third-party information source. You bask in the glow of what I like to call a PR Halo symbolic of your knowledge or value you bring. When you get quoted in the media, that means reporters and editors have made a judgement about your knowledge or insights, or they wouldn’t spend the time interviewing you. Your status gets elevated and your expertise shines through a story like, you know, a halo.

Often, you’ll hear the term “earned media” to describe new in these types of media outlets. It’s earned, because you’re not paying to get coverage. Ninety-nine percent of the outlets I work with never exchange money for your quote, essay or content.

Thanks to the high caliber of our clients’ expertise, they’ve earned the right to be quoted by reporters.

Earned media also helps you earn trust, which is important when closing the deal with a new customer or instilling confidence with current ones.  In fact, one clients’ PR Halo did double duty.  It served as a magnet, attracting prospects to his company’s exhibit at a major industry trade show.  Another client said their PR Halo led to a restaurant full of reservations before a big holiday.

Check out these recent client news stories and contact me for ideas on how you, too can be quoted and bask in the PR Halo Effect.  

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