Proof: Press Releases are Lead Generators, and More!

Press Releases Can Definitely Attract New Customers and Prospects

During my many years in PR, clients have asked whether to use a press release to launch their new product or service. I’m here to tell you why the press release is alive and well. I think it’s an important tool in your public relations arsenal. I don’t buy that  “death knell for press releases” argument, as clients have told me over and over again that creating a well-crafted press release for the right audience makes an impact. Plus, with all the social networks and other platforms for sharing your news, why wouldn’t you use a press release to keep your organization, new product or thought leadership top of mind with your key audiences?

I learned from a client that a press release we wrote and distributed to journalists more than one year ago led directly to a call with a prospect this past week.

You read that right: a 2018 news release we wrote for media distribution and was mounted on the client’s web site was found by a potential customer one week ago. That prospect navigated directly to the “Contact Us” page and set up an appointment for a call. That customer is now moving through the client’s new business development process.

Press releases can indeed be a key lead generator for your business!

It’s proof that a press release can pay off dividends when it comes to generating new business leads.  It’s not the only benefit of press releases. Here are others:

  • Boosts your online presence. A stream of regularly-scheduled press releases gives you an important online footprint for prospects searching online for your product, service or expertise.
  • Strengthens credibility. Customers want to see that you’re an industry expert, or that you’re a vibrant company working to improve your products. Journalists who cover your industry will also take notice. When they see your stream of ongoing news, you’re more favorably viewed as a dynamic industry player.
  • Controls your narrative. By framing your news with your messaging, you control your brand and how others perceive you. Without a press release framing your own position, you risk having others create their own story about you, raising questions about your motives and causing sometimes undue harm to your brand. Plus, when journalists get wind of it, they may pick up on the false narrative and spread it even further.

Are you wondering how a press release what a press release might do for you? It should be part of a strategy-based PR initiative. I work with clients on comprehensive public relations plans to raise your organization’s profile and bring you new customers and business. Contact me, and we can talk!

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