11 PR Tips for Using LinkedIn Surveys to Make News

A LinkedIn survey brings great results to your business.

Are you creating LinkedIn Surveys to take the pulse of your industry? If so, why not use your survey results to make news for your company? 

First things first! LinkedIn surveys provide a great opportunity for any size company to tap into insights, draw attention to their expertise, and generate new business. Secondly, if used to their fullest potential, the survey results can become news in the media outlets where your customers get information.

Our client used a LinkedIn survey on a hot-button issue affecting hospital finances. 

The survey focused on the alarming frequency that insurance companies deny payments to hospitals and health care systems. It’s a real problem for any healthcare CEO or CFO, so the survey asked how frequently hospitals are denied payments. 

The survey found that many health care systems have alarmingly high denial rates. The client described it as “the Denials Danger Zone.” That compelling phrase captured a lot of attention. So we advised our client to use those survey results to launch a PR effort, which included: 

11 PR steps to make news with LinkedIn survey results:

  1. Write a concise and easy-to-understand press release. Be sure to send it out on a national newswire.  
  2. Research and create a list of health care reporters to introduce them to a key topic and explain why it matters. 
  3. Send them a creative email “pitch” that provides some context on the issue. 
  4. Email the pitch to reporters who’ve written recently about this topic. 
    • We made news in six media outlets, thanks to this tactic. See our news here.
  5. Include a catchy subject line in your emails to grab their attention.  
  6. Our subject line, Avoiding the Denials “Danger Zone,” appeared in the headline of almost every outlet that wrote about our news! 
  7. Offer interviews with your company experts to discuss what the survey results mean for customers.
  8. Keep your PR momentum going by creating a webinar on the topic. We moderated a webinar featuring company experts, and they provided great tips.
  9. The webinar offered another PR benefit. It was the topic of press release highlighted on their web site.  
  10. The client followed these tips for producing the webinar:
    • Keep it short: 20 – 30 minutes in length
    • Make it conversational
    • Have fun – let the speakers to be themselves 
  11. Be sure to email customers and reporters, and invite them to attend.

In conclusion, we made great news that appeared in these key media outlets:

Most importantly, the PR effort resulted in valuable customer leads.

Are you thinking about using LinkedIn Surveys to create great PR for your business? Contact me and let’s talk.

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